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African-Leeds Wellbeing Project Summary

The first funding that we received as an organisation cam from The National Lottery Community Fund. We are so thrilled and happy that this money got to make such a huge difference in our community. This post summarises what we were able to do with the money and what change we made in the community.

A few snapshots of what we achieved:

  • We procured equipment for the organisation so that our volunteers had the right resources to run this project

  • We had over 260 participants joining in our on-going schedule of events that happened both virtually and in-person

  • Participants reported feeling less alone and loved the peer support model we adopted (feedback captured through our end of event feedback forms)

  • Our volunteers increased, we now have 8 volunteers onboard giving up their time to make a difference in the community

  • We signposted individuals to over 7 organisations based in Leeds to increase black community uptake. This was done during our events as well as blog/social media posts.

  • Every event continually scored over 95% on overall satisfaction

  • We have been engaging more with communal events to raise awareness of black people's mental health

  • We met up with the Mayor on several occasions who greatly supported the work that we were doing. He even attended 2 of our events and met the community and discussed other pertaining issues in Leeds.

We are very grateful that we have been able to lend a helping hand to people in Leeds community.


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